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morden retaining wall

From the foundation of a new home to the final landscaping touches, we have worked with homeowners and builders from around the area. Although Charles Morden Construction Inc. has expanded its commercial line of work to include residential, landscaping, and shoreline restoration it has always been able to maintain the ability to service all residential needs.

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morden site service

SITE SERVICING (Water, Sewer, Storm, Gas, Hydro)

Charles Morden Construction Inc. can take care of all of your site services needs. We have worked with general contractors, townships, and homeowners doing a variety of different installations. Here is just a small overview of what we can do for you.


Residential - 

  • A walkthrough of the property to find the client's needs.

  • Waterline installation

  • Install or repair sewer pipes

  • Excavation for hydro and gas utilities

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