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morden site. piles of sand and gravel


  • Gravel

  • Sand

  • Topsoil

  • Crushed Limestone

  • River Rock

  • Granite



Charles Morden Construction Inc. gravel and aggregate facilities, located in Midland and Waubaushene, produces high-quality topsoil, sand, fill, river run stone and gravel. We are increasingly sourced for materials by other construction and development companies in the area. With the ability to operate from two locations, we are able to service a large area while still keeping costs competitive.


Check out our aggregate material calculator below.



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Various types of materials used in landscaping, construction, and more can be measured in tonnes. Examples include topsoil, pea gravel, fill dirt, and mulch. When in doubt, you can use a the material calculator below. There’s also an easy formula you can use to quickly calculate tonnes:

  1.   First, measure the length and width of the area where the material will be placed in feet.

  2. Then, measure the depth of the material required in feet.

  3. Multiply all three dimensions to get the volume required in cubic feet.

  4. Divide the value from #3 by 27 to convert the value to cubic yards.

  5. Finally, multiply the value in cubic yards from #4 by 1.3 to get the number of tonnes you need.



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