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Morden Landscaping and Design

Let’s talk landscaping with over 70 years of design and build work in our local area we have the
experience and knowledge to help you achieve your outdoor vision. We specialize in creating beautiful
patios, natural stone steps, walkways, retaining walls, armour stone, flagstone, fire pits, shoreline break
walls and gardens that are both functional and visually pleasing. We use the highest quality materials
and stay current on the latest industry trends.

Our competitive advantage has always been our ability to control the market by owning the raw
resources required to build a beautiful landscape project. With owning and operating four local sand
and gravel pits, a variety of heavy equipment, and a haulage company we’ve been able to always deliver for
our clients. This allows us to ensure everything is managed in-house without relying on outsourcing. Our
clients can appreciate a quicker turnaround and reduced costs. Our team can provide high-quality
workmanship without the need to hire multiple contractors or have costly product delays. We ensure a
consistent streamlined approach to your project from the initial shovel in the ground to the final
walkthrough with our clients.

The Morden landscape team has the ability to build and help with complicated projects as we can help
organize and contract all other services that aren’t completed in-house with Morden, thus eliminating
the stress and coordinating that our clients don’t want in their projects. Examples of this would be
rock blasting, irrigation, docks, permitting, surveying, concrete and paving. We have a full team of trades
with a proven track record to give you a seamless project from start to finish.

Morden Landscaping is part of Morden Construction Inc which works with the excavation for custom
homes, septic design and installation, waterfront dredging and permitting, shoreline break walls and
revetment works and even sourcing its own granite boulders for natural stone steps and granite flagstone
in our very own landscape projects. This is a very helpful feature when working with Morden
Landscaping as we understand your outdoor project.

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