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Morden's core business in 1953 was been building private cottage roads and driveways in Georgian Bay. The business has evolved over the years into constructing municipal roads and commercial parking lots in townships all across its operating area. Here is a small overview of what we can do for you.


Residential - For our residential clients, we are able to offer private road and driveway construction. We can have our estimator stop by your property and have a walkthrough to get an idea of your needs. We can take care of the installation of culverts, gravel and any ditching that is involved in the process. Low, wetland? No problem! With years of experience working in and around Georgian Bay, we have the right products to deal with every job.

Commercial - Charles Morden Construction Inc. has worked for a variety of general contractors and engineers constructing roads and parking lots for numerous applications. We provide all of our customers with an itemized quote for a finished product. Here are just a few things we can do for you.

  • A build design option

  • Full commercial parking lot construction 

  • Full municipal roadway reconstruction

  • Road crossing repairs for site services (gas, water, hydro, etc.)



road and parking
lot clearing
morden lot clearing


Just bought a new lot or development piece of property? Charles Morden Construction Inc. operates a fully licensed stump dump and is able to accept and recycle trees and stumps. This competitive advantage of cutting out the middle man is what makes us the right choice for you. Charles Morden Construction Inc. is geared up with the right equipment to make the whole process quick and cost-effective.



site servicng

SITE SERVICING (Water, Sewer, Storm, Gas, Hydro)

morden site service

Charles Morden Construction Inc. can take care of all of your site services needs. We have worked with general contractors, townships, and homeowners doing a variety of different installations. Here is just a small overview of what we can do for you.


Residential - 

  • A walkthrough of the property to find the client's needs.

  • Waterline installation

  • Install or repair sewer pipes

  • Excavation for hydro and gas utilities


Commercial -

  • A build and design option

  • Installation of water main, stormwater management, and sanitary systems.

  • Installation of a variety of specialized treatment units.



footing and basements
morden retaining walls


Mordens has been working with residential and commercial builders around the area for decades. These long term relationships are what make the job worth doing. The scope of work our company handles varies from a single car garage to a hockey arena. Charles Morden Construction Inc. carries a full line of backfill materials in both its operating pits to ensure adequate drainage for your new building. Charles Morden Construction cuts out the middle man by operating its own aggregate pits.


At Morden Construction we are your professional retaining wall company, We work with you to achieve your end goal and ensure your large or small project lasts for decades. We work with Natural Stone, Armour Stone, Granite.



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